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Home » Jasper Affiliate program 2024 – How to Make $1000 Per Month

Jasper Affiliate program 2024 – How to Make $1000 Per Month

Jasper Affiliate program 2023
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There are so many Affiliate Programs available for anyone who wants to make money with Affiliate marketing. One of the best Affiliate Programs to Join is the Jasper Affiliate Program. In this Article we will review Jasper Affiliate program 2024 – How to Make $1000 Per Month.

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper Affiliate program 2023 - How to Make $1000 Per Month

Jasper is the new name for Jarvis AI

The GPT-3.5 language model is used by the AI program Jasper AI to generate content automatically. 

To save you time, Jasper AI provides a variety of copywriting templates that it can use to create material for you.

You may use Jasper to automatically produce a variety of content, including blog posts, social network updates, advertising, eBooks, landing page copy, stories, and novels.

Over 100,000 individuals use Jasper AI, and the main reason is that Jasper’s content is superior than ALL other AI writing tools combined!

Jasper users

Therefore, you should give Jasper a try if you’re wanting to automate your content creation or discover strategies to produce more material quickly. 

A 5-day FREE trial with 10,000 word credits is also available from Jasper.

What is Jasper Affiliate Program?

Jasper Affiliate program 2023 - How to Make $1000 Per Month

You may generate extra income by marketing Jasper and referring new users to sign up for the platform through the Jasper affiliate partner program.

One of the top paying affiliate networks, it offers a lifetime 30% recurring commission. You can be compensated for introducing the consumer to the Jasper platform as long as they continue to be paying customers.

The bloggers, social media influencers, content producers, YouTubers, and marketing firms can all benefit from this affiliate scheme. When a user enrolls in the Jasper program, a free trial is made available, during which time they may read up to 10,000 words.

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How Does the Jasper Affiliate Program Work?

The Jasper AI Affiliate Program is easy to use and straightforward. You will get a special referral link as an affiliate to share with your audience. You will get a cut of the sale if someone clicks on your link and buys something. The commission rate is fair and is based on how many referrals you send our way each month. 30% of the total amount the user spends on their subscription will be your commission.

Why You Should Join the Jasper AI Affiliate Program

Joining the Jasper AI Affiliate Program has various advantages, such as:

Sales commission:

 By advertising Jasper AI’s goods and services, you can make money. . Every time someone you refer to Jasper signs up and continues to pay their monthly subscription, you will receive a commission. The benefit of recurring revenue is that you can keep getting paid as long as the people you suggest continue to use Jasper.

Access to promotional resources: 

To assist you in effectively promoting the goods and services, Jasper AI offers affiliates a range of promotional tools, including banners, email templates, and other promotional materials.

Regular updates:

 As an affiliate, you will regularly receive updates on new goods, promotions, and other crucial information from Jasper AI, which regularly changes its products and services.

High Conversion Rates

Jasper has a high rate of conversion. As a result, you can anticipate that a sizable portion of your target market will be eager to purchase the program.


Bonus Credits of 10,000

You can send a link to a Jasper free trial, which includes 10,000 bonus credits to use with the Jasper program, to a new customer you refer.

You’ll also receive 10,000 additional credits from Jasper to use in your Jasper account.

Promote It to a Big Audience

In today’s online climate, content is necessary for everyone.

You can advertise Jasper to a huge audience and most likely never run out of potential customers.

Support from the Jasper AI team:

 If you have any questions or issues concerning the program, the dedicated affiliate team at Jasper AI is always ready to assist you.

How Do I Join The Jasper AI Affiliate Program?

The application process for this affiliate program is simple. To apply, please adhere to the directions below. The Jarvis staff will approve your application if they find that it satisfies the requirements.

Step 1: To access the official signup page, click on this link👇👇

Step 2: Enter the links to your social media accounts, website, email address, and country.

Step 3: To become a Jarvis ai affiliate, accept the terms, complete the ReCaptcha, and click “SIGNUP.”

Congratulations! Your application for Jarvis AI’s affiliate program has been received. You only have to wait a few days for the approval.

How Much Can You Earn in the Jasper AI Affiliate Program?

Jasper Affiliate program 2023 - How to Make $1000 Per Month

Your earnings are based on how many new users you bring on board each month.

Average monthly subscription costs for customers are $79 per month.

So, you’ll receive $24 per client, or 30% of that sum, each month.

You can get $2400 a month if you recommend 100 new customers to Jasper.

You can make $24,000 if you recommend 1000 new clients to Jasper each month.

How to Become a Successful Affiliate Partner With Jasper- How to Make $1000 Per Month

The Jasper affiliate program can be promoted in a variety of ways. 

You can market via email, social media, or your website.

As a Jasper affiliate, you need to learn how to generate significant commission. 

The various methods for promoting the Jasper AI are listed below.

Produce top-notch content

By reviewing the instrument and exhibiting it, you can produce material of the highest caliber. Additionally, you can add affiliate banners to your website. By producing top-notch content, you can increase the likelihood that members of your target market will sign up for an affiliate program and pay you a commission.

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Video marketing

Another strategy for advertising the Jasper platform is through producing YouTube videos. 

By producing product reviews or tutorial videos, you may advertise the platform.

You may encourage your audience to click on your affiliate link and sign up for the platform by making high-quality, helpful films.


Make contacts with social media influencers, bloggers, and digital entrepreneurs and send them newsletters about Jasper AI.

Paid Ads

To market the Jasper affiliate program to your target market, you can utilize paid advertisements such as Google and Facebook ads. 

You must create captivating advertisements to entice potential customers to click on to your website.

Include your affiliate link for the Jasper affiliate program as well so you may get paid for each signup. 

Request approval from the Jasper team before running any paid advertisements.

Use Social media

Social media may be used to reach the right audience and encourage them to sign up with Jasper AI. 

You may spread word about this tool using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

To advertise your Jasper platform, you can add graphics and your affiliate link. 

You can describe how Jasper AI can help them save time and effort.

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Last Words:

Because the Jasper affiliate program pays regular commissions as long as your friend maintains their subscription, it’s a terrific way to earn a living.

The team behind this business is devoted to and concerned about their partnership with affiliates. They will undoubtedly assist you if you need assistance with anything relating to your affiliate account. It is a fantastic opportunity to promote a fantastic writing assistant while earning money online. If you adhere to the advice in the beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing, you might earn up to $1,000 or more per month with the partner program.

What are you still holding out for? Promote Jasper now to start receiving commissions. Please post any queries you may have in the comments concerning Jasper or its partner program.


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