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Home » How to start Halal Affiliate marketing-Everything you need to know

How to start Halal Affiliate marketing-Everything you need to know

How to start Halal Affiliate marketing
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Several people engage in affiliate marketing and profit from the business concept. I was curious about if affiliate marketing was permissible for Muslims to engage in. In this article we will discuss How to start Halal Affiliate marketing.

 I discovered that There were many people searching for the same solution on Google.

I therefore made the decision to produce this article for my Muslim readers who are interested in affiliate marketing but are unsure of whether it is permitted or forbidden.

So To make things easier for you to understand, I’ll be sharing with you some eye-catching data, facts, and my  perspectives as an affiliate marketer.

Is Affiliate Marketing Halal?

As long as the products and services that you are promoting do not violate any halal laws, affiliate marketing is permissible. You are providing halal services as long as you market halal products as an affiliate marketer. 

If You use the products or services you are promoting to any audience, affiliate marketing is also permissible. As an affiliate, you must believe in the products or services that you are promoting and not merely do it in order to make a sale and get paid.

A pyramid scheme would exist if you were merely selling a good or service to gain money or to persuade someone else to do the same. Although they use affiliate marketing and referral marketing, the business structure is different.

Which Affiliate Products Are Not Halal

Numerous popular affiliate marketing products and services are prohibited by Islam. Go to this list to determine whether any offers you promote as an affiliate are secure to sell. Below is a list of affiliate offers that Muslims or those who practice Islam may not promote.

  • Forex
  • gambling
  • Alcohol consumption,
  • Drug use,
  • Adult content
    Other comparable products and services could be syubhah (doubtful).

Is The Amazon Affiliate Program Halal?

Amazon affiliate marketing is halal, just like affiliate marketing as a business is.

it is only considered haraam for instance, someone has a website selling Islamic books, a client visits that website, clicks on the link (given by Amazon), Then adds the Islamic book to their shopping basket, and continues their Amazon shopping. 

The customer then continues to the checkout process after adding a haraam item to their cart.

Because the buyer followed the Amazon given link and bought the two goods inside the 24-hour limit, the website owner will receive a fee from the sale of the Islamic book and the haraam item. 

It is OK to receive a commission from the Islamic book, but However it is not acceptable to receive a commission from a haraam product (such as wine, beer, etc.). Darul Fikr Beirut, Raddul Muhtaar, vol. 6, p. 63.

A website owner is paid for Each product purchase on Amazon is recorded together with the date, the item purchased, and the commission.

Free lesson : 7 Best Niches for Amazon Affiliate Marketing in 2023

Best Niches for Halal Affiliate Marketing

  1. Health And Fitness
  2. Tech niches ( Softwares, Hosting ,VPN etc )
  3. Lifestyle niche ( Islamic clothing, make up , hijabs)
  4. Education niche ( halal Courses especially How to read Quran )

Top Muslim Affiliate Programs For Halal Commissions

Path To Arabic

People can learn Arabic more quickly and easily with the help of the learning network Road to Arabic. 

The network, which was established in 2011, strives to eliminate the frustrations, problems, and difficulties associated with learning one of the most challenging languages on earth.

Depending on your learning style and specific requirements, Path to Arabic provides three alternative learning frameworks at three price ranges.

In addition, the network features an affiliate program where anyone with a sizable social media following or website may sign up, start promoting their services, and receive an initial 80% commission followed by a recurring 40% commission for each sale they bring to the website.

  • Commission: 80% in the first month followed by 40% recurring commission.
  • Cookie length: 30 days

Muslim Courses is an online learning platform for Muslim students that offers paid and free courses from organizations and authors who have been verified. Their ulitmate goal is to advance Muslims’ skills in society without causing them to lose their Islamic identity.

By providing courses in everything from classical Islamic Sciences to graphic design, calligraphy, mental health, poetry, and financial management, they hope therefore to become the go-to learning destination for all facets of a Muslim’s life.

Also read about other Halal Affiliate Programs here : Best Affiliate Programs To Join Without Website (Updated) | Beginners Friendly

Tuesday in love

How to start Halal Affiliate marketing

Tuesday in Love is a Canadian company known for its distinctive Halal Certified Water Permeable Nail Polish and Halal Certified Cosmetics. 

With the breakthrough micro-pore technology, our nail polish allows water molecules to permeate through the semi permeable color membrane. 

The 5-Free Non-Peelable formula is a nail polish that is never tested on animals and is free of harsh ingredients like formaldehyde, toluene, DBP (dibutyl phthalate), camphorare, or alcohol. 

ISNA Canada has granted its Halal Certification to our collection of paraben-free cosmetics, which are produced in Canada. 

That’s why They are created with the greatest quality standards, without the use of child labor or cruelty.

As a socially responsible business, we think that anyone can improve the lives of those who are less fortunate. To support disadvantaged children and their families worldwide, Islamic Relief Canada receives a donation from each sale.

Most important the halal certification ensures that the products’ ingredients and functionality are acceptable for using them to perform wudhu.

Wrapping Up :

Finally, It’s time to start making money now that we know How to start Halal Affiliate marketing. And that there are many halal offers to advertise, as shown by the Muslim affiliate network mentioned above.

You will first need a website if you want to make money with affiliate marketing. Not required, but strongly advised.

I’ve written a guide that details how I generate income from my own affiliate websites if you’d want to know how I do it. Read here : How Can You Create a Profitable Affiliate Website in 2023 – 6 Easy Steps


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