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How to Do Affiliate Marketing Without Followers (2024)

Can You do Affiliate Marketing Without social media?
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Do beginners always wonder How to Do Affiliate Marketing Without Followers (2024)? Yes, it is possible, you can do it in a many of ways. 

Many affiliate marketers are making money even if they have no social media followers. The truth is that there are many different strategies to generate affiliate sales.

5 Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Followers

Create an affiliate website or blog.

The financial paradigm for affiliate marketing is changing. People are much more concerned about their online privacy today than they were a few years ago. Users are also more self-aware and less impulsive when making purchases, which is causing affiliate marketing to become much more relationship- and trust-focused.

This means that as an affiliate marketer, you need to create identifiable, reliable brands. What is the first step in creating such a brand?

constructing an affiliate website, you guessed it!

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The most obvious method for earning money through affiliate marketing without using social media is organic search traffic. Although ranking for competitive, affiliate-friendly keywords is a time-consuming and arduous operation, there are some important benefits to this approach.

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Building an email list

Can You do Affiliate Marketing Without social media?

Email marketing is, in my opinion, the simplest way to advertise affiliate links without having following on social media.

Creating an email list and launching email marketing campaigns is a very effective and direct way to introduce potential customers to your offers.

By adding an email opt-in form to the affiliate landing page indicated above and driving traffic there, you can create an email list.

You may generate a significant amount of passive affiliate income with an email-based affiliate marketing firm, and it’s simple to run.

Create a mailing list, engage with leads through email marketing, and sign up for one or more of the Best Affiliate Programs To Join Without Website (Updated) | Beginners Friendly

Pro tip get Affiliate Friendly Auto responders for your Affiliate marketing Email Campaigns

Use PPC ads

Can You do Affiliate Marketing Without social media?

In pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you are charged each time a potential customer clicks on your online advertisement. 

One of the simplest ways to increase your brand’s awareness and drive sales is to invest in PPC advertisements.

You should be aware that some “media purchasers” are so prosperous that their entire affiliate business consists of purchasing advertisements and pocketing. The difference between their advertising expenses and the amount of commissions they earn!

Increasing total traffic is the only surefire way to increase sales, whether you’re a merchant or an affiliate. 

Traffic generation is the first stage of a sales funnel, and PPC can help you do so rapidly

Prospects turn from cold visitors to warm leads when they click on your advertisement to visit your lander or affiliate bridge page.

With the PPC approach of affiliate marketing, you can earn more commissions by swiftly converting prospects into customers.

You can conduct A/B testing with PPC advertisements and observe people’s behavior closely. In PPC, A/B testing refers to developing two identical ads with a single significant modification to assess the effects of the change on clickthrough rate (CTR) and overall conversions.

You can test various copy formats, visual styles, and paid traffic sources to see which ones provide the most quality leads. To improve their PPC ad campaigns and increase their ROI, the majority of effective media buyers will test thousands of different combinations of headlines, graphics, and copy.

Utilize Solo ads

A solo ad is essentially an email advertisement. It is mailed out as a single piece. This implies that the only thing your potential customers will see is your advertisement. If you want to advertise affiliate items or grow a list quickly, this is wonderful news for you.

Finding an affiliate product that is converting very well is the best thing you could do before attempting solo advertising. You can use a variety of tools to determine whether a product is succeeding. The most crucial step is to find one.

You can easily identify the e-zines that are targeted at readers who would be interested in buying the affiliate product after you find a product that converts well. 

Always fit the niche and the product. 

For instance, if a “make money online” product is advertised to a list of people who are interested in the same niche,” it will succeed. 

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Article Marketing.

One of the best affiliate marketing tactics to generate high-quality traffic and increase your affiliate commission has been demonstrated to be article marketing. 

Actually, if you understand and know how to approach this tactic effectively, you won’t have to pay a thing for it. 

There are three categories you should take into account for this technique, according to numerous studies: 

  • a significant and reputable article submission directory 
  •  Smaller article submission directories, and 
  •  Websites for specialist article submission. 

The best advice for writing and submitting articles is to make sure you send all high-quality submissions to those important and well-known sites.

These prominent websites may have the following characteristics: 

  •  substantial traffic and a large number of proactive authors 
  • There are numerous aspects that help their authors, and
  •  there are numerous partners that may be found.

The following are the tips from affiliate millionaires for creating articles: 

  •  Make sure your posts are professional and targeted to your audience. 
  • Use all effective keywords in your posts, and 
  •  create the most alluring article title possible.

Examples of such websites are, steemit,

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Social Media for Affiliate Marketing: Pros and Cons

  • Easily Generate Traffic-Many affiliate marketers use social media as a powerful technique to drive traffic to their individual websites.
  • Numerous Possibilities-Social media makes it simple to identify your target audience and select a platform to get in front of them more quickly as part of your affiliate marketing strategy based on the good or service you want to promote.
  • Influencers’ Supplemental Income-Due to their large followings, a number of “social media influencers” have appeared on Facebook and Instagram to assist brands in connecting with potential customers. Social media affiliate marketing is a fantastic way for influencers to directly make extra money.
  • Restricted Control– Your level of control over third-party social media sites like Facebook and Instagram is severely constrained. Your entire business would be based on a third-party platform if you used social media as your main affiliate marketing channel. Your business would cease to exist if the platform were to go away one day.
  • shorter content lifecycle- On websites like Facebook and Instagram postings, there is an extremely short content lifecycle in contrast to blog articles, YouTube movies, white papers, and other digital information.

Final words: Affiliate Marketing Without Followers

Making a nice living with affiliate marketing  Without Followers is very much Possible. You must understand that success in the affiliate marketing industry won’t come immediately, but if you stick with it, you will. Lack of a strategy for how to approach their affiliate marketing business is one of the major errors new affiliate marketers make. Instead of using tried-and-true step-by-step tactics, they’ll just do things their  way, lose a lot of money, and fail horribly as a result. By using the 6 affiliate marketing techniques described in this article, you may join the 1% to 5% of affiliate marketers that earn a monthly paycheck in the five figures.


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  1. Great article! It’s very encouraging to read that affiliate marketing is achievable without the use of social media. The strategies outlined in this article are exactly what new marketers need in order to succeed; understanding that success takes hard work, dedication and a well thought-out strategy is essential for long term success. Keep up the good work!

  2. Great article. Not using social media for anything these days is very hard, but as you said so nicely, it isn’t impossible. Everything is marketing, so if you decide to avoid social media as a marketing channel, you will need to use another marketing channel, such is SEO for example.

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