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YouTube Automation: The Ultimate Guide To Make money 2024

YouTube Automation: The Ultimate Guide To Make money 2023
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The fact that you may launch an online business without having to reveal your face is one of its main advantages. Starting a faceless YouTube automation channel is one of the simplest methods to manage a profitable business from behind the scenes in the modern era. The following will show you how to start earning money while still in your pajamas. Lets see What Is YouTube Automation? The Ultimate Guide to make money 2024

What Is YouTube Automation

YouTube Automation: The Ultimate Guide To Make money 2023

YouTube Automation is a sort of channel that mostly features educational videos on a particular niche using edited and combined images, videos, and voiceovers.

Another issue is that the entire process is contracted out to freelancers or AI tools.

Due to the fact that educational videos are timeless and can provide passive income over the long term, this monetization method is becoming more and more popular.

By using Youtube automation, you can manage your channel like a business rather than as a creative. It’s no secret that you can build a successful online business with YouTube, but you don’t necessarily have to be recording yourself all day long. In fact, you can run your youtube automation channels completely anonymously by following these steps. Running a faceless youtube automation business means that you are running your channels without actually showing your face in any of these videos and without recording anything with the camera. I will explain how all of that works.

Is YouTube Automation Worth It?

Is YouTube Automation Effective? This question has been posed by numerous people, and they are all correct. By recommending YTA method work, you can make money. It’s critical to deliver quality instruction if you want to succeed in anything. That is what the YTA technique provides, then. 

With the help of this step-by-step, you may learn how to succeed on YouTube automation.

Let’s look at the main motivations for starting your own YouTube channel.

  1. It’s simple to manage the faceless channel.
  2. An anonymous YouTube channel allows for more inventiveness.
  3. Avoid being faceless to maintain a certain amount of connection.
  4.  It’s fun to run a YouTube channel.
  5. You can make money on YouTube in an anonymous manner.

How to make money from YouTube Automation

YouTube Automation: The Ultimate Guide To Make money 2023

First things first, choose a niche for your channel as well as a name. There is no such thing as brand loyalty with YouTube channels; you need to have people discover your channel as a result of the content you upload. But how can you make it discoverable to people?

Choose Profitable niches

Now is the perfect time to assist you in getting started if you want to create a YouTube automation channel. We have done extensive research and have put up a list of the top YouTube automation specialty channels to help you break into those markets. Because you may find full-time employment, income, and work from home in these niches, they are evergreen and will continue to pay you for years to come.

The first and most crucial step is this one.

You must pick a market that has these characteristics in order to turn this into a workable passive income source:

  • High Demand
  • Low to Moderate Competition
  • High Cost per Mille (CPM)

Once you’ve identified your niche, you need to narrow it down and focus on a particular topic.

For instance, if you choose gaming:

Gaming Channel > Gaming channel that tests out technology > Gaming channel that tests out technology, particularly keyboards and mice.

How to create your videos

Once you have selected your niche, next is to create Videos. There are two ways you can do it.

Either you hire a freelancer or Create videos yourself with AI tools .

Hiring a freelancer.

You employ four individuals from Upwork or Fiverr for these four production areas:

  • Writer of the video’s script; this person will do so.
  • The voice for your videos will be recorded by a voiceover artist.
  • The person who edits videos will create the videos for you.
  • The person that designs thumbnails for your videos is the thumbnail designer. (or create yourself with Canva)
  • You provide your team ideas for videos, and they handle the rest.

That sums up the main premise of the Youtube automation business pretty well.

Using The Best Automation Tools

  1. Tube Buddy is a browser add-on for automating YouTube. You can perform keyword research for your YouTube channel with this plugin. Additionally, it provides a number of time-saving templates to quicken your video publishing procedure.

2.With the help of Jasper, users can generate scripts based on given topics or even produce entirely original scripts from scratch using user input. For individuals who are unsure of their writing skills or who just lack the time to compose a full script themselves, this can be a big assistance.

3.You can advertise your YouTube videos on several platforms by using VidIQ, a video marketer tool. Additionally, you can utilize this application to create material for your YouTube channel.

Avoid These Mistakes When Doing YouTube Automation!

-Using someone else’s content is a huge mistake for a few reasons.

  • Copyright assertions
  • Copyright violations
  • Unable to monetize or demonetize

-Using poor SEO techniques: In addition to the prior error, what good is a video if no one sees it? Because of this, it’s crucial to make your content searchable. Click on titles that people are searching for.

-Not niching down: Once you’ve identified your specialty, become more specialized. Don’t post random sports videos if sports are your niche. Instead, concentrate on a certain sport you’re passionate about, like… fencing?

-Quitting too soon: Automating YouTube takes time; it’s not a sprint. Because they frequently see social media posts from the big guys boasting about massive growth and income within 1-2 months of launching a channel, many consumers have incorrect expectations about YouTube automation. (and advertising their course for two grand, right?)

-Thumbnails don’t draw much attention. To increase views… Surely you need people to click on your video? Before someone watches your video, they only see 2 things: Title of of the Video and thumbnail

People are more likely to click on attention-grabbing, surprising, interesting, or colorful thumbnails.

Wrapping it up

To join the second-largest search engine in the world, enroll in a YouTube automation course. Those who lack the time or expertise to manage their own channel might benefit greatly from taking a YouTube automation course. The Side Hustle Daily Platform shows you how to put together a team, assign tasks, and effectively generate ideas for your channel. To reduce the time to income and learning curve, you must, however, make sure the ones you take are of high quality. A training can also help you determine whether your scenario justifies YouTube automation and whether the business model is suitable for you.

The Side Hustle Daily Platform for only $49 you get from a team of 5 VERIFIED EXPERTS AROUND EACH SIDE HUSTLE …:

  • Faceless YouTube Automation Course
  • Selling on Amazon Course
  • Becoming A Freelancer Course
  • Affiliate Marketing Course
  • Flipping Products For A Profit Course
  • Private Community With 100’s Other #Hustlers
  • Weekly Affiliate Training w/ Chad Bartlett
  • Plus…New Side Hustle Courses Added Every Few Months!

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