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Herculist Review: Can it Help You Generate Quality Traffic?

complete guide to using herculist
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Traffic is a key to success of any Affiliate product you promoting. There are so many ways to get traffic to your Affiliate offers, in this article we will discuss about Herculist Review: Can it Help You Generate Quality Traffic?

What is Herculist?

The Herculist is a branded safelist that promotes your offer to its members. It operates in the same way as a solo ad, but there are key differences to this type of email list.

it is an amazing E-Mail Marketing platform where you can send emails to:

1000 customers for FREE, Daily! And,

160000+ customers daily with their PLUS plan!

This is suitable for all types of marketers i.e people who spend a lot of emails looking for leads.

Herculist review

Is Herculist Plus Legit?

Herculist has been around for 21 years, so I don’t think they’re a swindle. They only have one drawback: You must be prepared for the quantity of spam emails you will receive from other members.

What is safelist?

A safelist is an email list where you can mail other members of the safelist. It is an online database of people, usually internet marketers, who have permitted the owner of the safelist, that they may receive offers to their email daily.

The offers include any type for example sale of a product or service but most safelists offer business opportunities or internet marketing offers to help people make money online.

If any new person decides to join Herculist  to receive their emails, then that

number will go up.

Because of this, most people try to avoid safelists but it’s not advisable to rule out safelists.

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What You Need To Know About Herculist

If you still want to use safelists then there are a few things you should know about them:

  • They are inexpensive compared to solo ads and you can get great results if used effectively. 
  • Not all safelists are made equal. You may have already researched The Top 10 and found some others but to test which one gives the best results, you must track the performance of your safelists.
  • If you tried a safelist and it has not yielded the results you expected, then try again. Most advertising campaigns do not give good results the first time. It is all about improving your ad and giving it another shot.
  • To join Herculist you will need two Gmail email addresses.
  • They recommend Gmail as it allows better deliverability of emails. If you do not have a Gmail account, then I would recommend that you create one.
  • The Gmail accounts are one for all emails that you will receive from members. Do not use a personal account. It is better to create a separate email account for this as you can receive hundreds of emails each day.

How to use Herculist

What is my Herculist review? Safelists were the first advertising campaigns I used when I started internet marketing and I did get great results.

The only one that gave me more leads and sales was the Herculist plus safelist. So many internet marketers provide the same review that it is the best and most responsive.

They work best when you send your offer in larger quantities.

Therefore you may get a better response if you email 80,000 contacts as opposed to 1000 contacts.

If this is your first time utilizing the safelist, I strongly advise you to upgrade to their Pro or Gold subscription so you may send your offer to all 78,385 members, increasing your chances of getting a sales.

Why is Herculist recommended?

It is recommended since it has helped marketers produce a significant number of leads and revenues for their business.

For example, This lead resulted in a $100 sale for me and I only spent $49 as a Gold member for Life.

Because of my gold membership, I continue to use it and got multiple $100 sales from people looking for business opportunities.

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Another reason is they are low-budget traffic so if you are not ready to be so spent on traffic just yet, then it’s a great choice for you.

The membership is free and for that, you can send your offer to 1000 members only.

However, because this is how safelists work, it is highly recommended that you upgrade to 10,000 members to receive better results.

The magic number is 10,000 or more.

There are lots of positive points when you join:

  • It’s a free platform
  • send emails to 1000 members daily basis.
  • explore other offers.
  • use affiliate marketing.
  • sell your products.
  • promote your website
Herculist review

What Are the Different Membership Options

They currently offer three different membership options with Herculist.

Free Membership

  • 1,000 members are sent a daily plain text email/web ad.
  • All referral membership payments will earn you a 25% profit.
  • Surf ratio of 2:1 (theZONE)
  • $5 welcome bonus


  • Every other day, a plain text email/web ad is sent to 86,162 members.
  • All referral membership payments will earn you a 35% profit.
  • 15 second timers with a surf ratio of 1:1 (theZONE)
  • Vacation mode is active (send email ads without receiving other member submitted ads)
  • $5 welcome bonus
  • This membership costs $29 annually or $9 per month.


  • Daily HTML or plain text email/web ad with first and last name subject line and body personalization option sent to 86,162 members
  • All referral membership fees will earn you a 50% profit.
  • 1:1 surf ratio with 5-second timers (the zone)
  • Vacation mode is active (send email ads without receiving other member submitted ads)
  • $5 welcome bonus
  • This membership costs $39 annually or $9 per month.

If you are a Pro or Gold member, your traffic using safelists will be covered for the entire year and the potential to make sales is endless.

Leads, Leads, Leads!

Advertising Options

Various advertising options are available;

  • As a Gold member, you’ll be able to send your email/web-based ad to 176,818 targeted REAL individuals per day.
  • By surfing in theZone, you can get nearly instant traffic to your own website.
  • PRIME Advertising: Increase the visibility of your website by placing ads in HercuList’s PRIME regions. This is far superior to banner advertisements.
  • HercuBlurb: HercuBlurb allows you to build and submit huge web-based adverts.
  • Other advertising services include Solo Ad, Mega-Mail, Buyers List, and i-BLAST.

Summary: Herculist Review: Can it Help You Generate Quality Traffic?

In conclusion, is an excellent advertising alternative for anyone looking to grow their online business. You have nothing to lose because you may register and test it out for free. I’m pleased with their services, and I’m confident you will be as well. The uniqueness of Herculist PLUS lies in your decision to upgrade your membership. Because it provides a lot more capability and support. I upgraded, and the lifetime gold plan is what I generally recommend because it gives you free access to all of the list’s members (over 176,818) for the rest of your life. Once you have joined, you can test their traffic by sending your offer to its members. Note the higher numbers the better results.

Remember to always track your links so you will know how your website is performing with Herculist.

For almost 20 years, it has been a trusted internet marketing source for thousands of marketers worldwide.

Trust me it’s the cheapest way to get traffic to your websites and affiliate links.

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