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Make Money With Google AdSense Without a Website-Ultimate Guide 2023

Make Money With Google AdSense Without a Website-Ultimate Guide 2023
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One of the most well-liked online revenue streams for content producers and publishers is Google AdSense. However, a lot of people think that having a website is a requirement for earning money using AdSense. Thankfully, that isn’t the case. With Google AdSense, you may truly get income without having a website. In this article we will examine how to Make Money With Google Adsense Without a Website.

What Is Google AdSense

Through the Google AdSense program, you may monetize your website or blog by showing advertisements. You earn when a user clicks on one of the advertisements. 

It’s a fantastic method to monetize your content and get passive revenue from your online presence.

What is Google AdSense’s Process?

You must register for a Google AdSense account before you can begin. The final step is to add a brief bit of code to your website. Users will eventually see programmatic adverts on your website thanks to Google. According to Google, “AdSense matches adverts to your site depending on its content and traffic. The adverts are produced and paid for by advertisers who want to market their goods. 

Earnings will vary depending on the prices that these advertisers pay for various adverts.These advertisements are from a platform utilized by marketers called Google Ads. Google AdSense conducts an auction with Google Ads advertisers to determine which ad will be displayed on your website.  Every time someone clicks on your advertisement, you get paid.

How to Make Money With Google AdSense Without a Website

Create YouTube

More than 2 billion people utilize the largest video-sharing website in the world, YouTube. 

With Google AdSense, you can monetize your YouTube channel and make money each time someone clicks an advertisement that is shown on your videos. 

You must take the following actions in order to start making money using YouTube and AdSense:

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Earn with Google AdSense using

Google owns the free blogging platform known as Blogger. It allows you to make a blog that you may monetise using Google AdSense. You must take the following actions in order to start making money using Blogger and AdSense:

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Use Admob to make money using AdSense:

Like building websites, developing or establishing an application can be challenging. Actually, creating an app would be more difficult and expensive. However, there is still a viable alternative to earn from AdSense. 

Similar software to monetize your app is available from Google under the name AdMob. Ads are displayed on your applications. 

You can make a variety of applications, and when you monetize them using AdMob, Google will display advertising on them. For instance, there are now on-demand news apps that you can use to make money.

Make money with AdSense on Revenue sharing sites

A revenue-sharing site is a place that lets you submit content on its pages and write articles. When a user clicks on one of the Google AdSense advertisements displayed on your content by the revenue-sharing website, you are paid a certain percentage of the clickthroughs.

So, if you don’t have a website of your own, how do you post Google Adsense code on a revenue sharing website? You do not need to have your own Google AdSense code for a revenue-sharing website. During registration for these sites, you simply generate an AdSense ID. 

Following that, these websites will deliver Google AdSense ads directly on those pages. 

The revenue from clicks is allocated to your account in accordance with the agreement when readers of those articles click on the advertisements. 

Use your ID to connect into your account, Your articles or account revenues under the AdSense ID will be shown. 

Before making a withdrawal, you must meet certain requirements on some of these websites, but not on others. 


Here are a few of the websites that share revenue;

SheToldMe functions similarly to Squidoo and Hubpages. The revenue share was better at the time this article was written, though. There is, however, a membership charge.

Grow Rich Forum

Grow Rich Forum is a revenue-sharing site that pays out to all of its active users. You can connect your AdSense account to them and start making money there. You can ask a question, share your experience, and respond to it. The more constructive dialogue you participate in, the more money you make.


Squidoo is comparable to Hubpages. You create content for them and profit from clickthrough’s using Google AdSense. Your posts will be referred to as hubs. Membership is free.

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Advantages of Using making Money without Google AdSense


Conclusion: Make Money With Google AdSense Without a Website-Ultimate Guide 2023

In conclusion, Google AdSense is a great way to earn money online without having to own a website. By utilizing platforms such as YouTube, Blogger, and others, you can monetize your content and start earning through Google AdSense. It’s a simple and effective way to generate passive income, as long as you provide quality content and adheres to the AdSense policies. With patience and persistence, you can make a substantial amount of money through Google AdSense, even without having your website. So, if you have a passion for creating content, consider giving AdSense a try and see how it can help you achieve your financial goals. If you want to start a website its really not hard you can rip more benefits of Google AdSense. Here is a guide on How Can You Create a Profitable Affiliate Website in 2023 – 6 Easy Steps

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