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How to Start a Mattress Flipping Side Hustle 2023

How to Start a Mattress Flipping Side Hustle 2023
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There are many inventive ways to earn some additional money, which is always a good idea. Flipping mattresses on their sides is one method. Let’s learn How to Start a Mattress Flipping Side Hustle 2023.

It doesn’t cost much to get started, so it might be a wonderful opportunity to earn some additional cash. To move the mattresses, all you need is a truck or van, and to flip them, some simple tools.

What Is Mattress Flipping?

Mattress flipping is a popular side hustle that practically anyone can do well. 

It entails removing furniture (like new or gently used mattresses) from its previous owners, keeping the mattresses somewhere clean and dry, and then making a profit by selling the mattresses to new owners in your neighborhood.

When customers order mattresses online and have them delivered, the mattresses come compressed to a small portion of their original size in a cardboard box. 

Mattress manufacturers refer to these as “bed-in-a-box” mattresses.

Even if the consumer decides to return their purchase for a refund or exchange, the mattress cannot be placed back into the box it arrived in after it has been removed from its packaging. Therefore Mattress flippers can help in this situation.

For like-new mattresses that have only been used once or twice but can’t be easily returned to the manufacturer due to their size, there is a sizable market. As a mattress flipper, you can transport, store, and move these mattresses to new owners for a fee you think reasonable considering the amount of time and work involved.

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Mattress Flipping Side Hustle

Establishing a side business is a terrific way to generate extra cash, and mattress flipping is a great choice for those who value attention to detail and appreciate manual labor. We’ll show you How to Start a Mattress Flipping Side Hustle in this article, step by step.

Do Market Research

Before you start your mattress-flipping business, it is important to carry out a complete market analysis. 

You must be aware of the market conditions, costs, and rivalry in your area. 

Look for market voids that you can cover, such as a dearth of inexpensive, eco-friendly mattresses. 

Speak to prospective clients to determine their interest in your company and to gain their opinions on your ideas.

How to Start a Mattress Flipping Side Hustle 2023

Decide on Your Niche.

Choose your niche after doing market research. 

After you Choose whether you want to offer a variety of options or focus on a specific kind of mattress, such an organic or vegan one. 

You might also think about providing mattresses that are built specifically for each customer.

Create a business plan

Any business, even a side gig flipping mattresses, needs a solid business strategy to be successful. Your strategy should outline your target market, your niche, your marketing strategies, your projected revenue, and your operational procedures. You can stick with it and accomplish your business objectives.

Secure Funding

It costs money to start a side business flipping mattresses, such as buying mattresses, cleaning materials, and a website. 

Hence You could need to use your savings, seek for a small company loan, or secure money from investors. 

Before you launch your business, be certain that you have a sound financial strategy in place.


Source Mattresses

One of the most important components of your business is sourcing mattresses. 

You must locate reasonably priced, high-quality mattresses that you can clean and restore. 

For example Think of working with mattress producers or distributors or buying secondhand mattresses from hotels, motels, and college dormitories.

Restore and Revive Mattresses

It’s time to clean and restore your mattresses when you’ve found them. 

Stains, odors, and allergens are eliminated throughout this process, and any damage is also repaired. 

Employ environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, and make sure you abide by all safety and health laws.

Choose a Mattress Pricing and Promote It

To draw customers and increase sales, you must successfully price and sell your mattresses. 

Using both online and offline marketing techniques, such as social media, fliers, and neighborhood activities, you should set competitive prices based on your niche and target market.

How to Start a Mattress Flipping Side Hustle 2023

Establish an online presence and a website.

Having a website and an online presence is essential to any business’ success in the modern digital age. You just a need a domain and a hosting plan. With Hostinger you get a FREE domain $9.99 with a monthly plan of $2.99.

Create a website to display your products and services, and leverage social media to interact with potential clients and advertise your business. 

To increase your website’s visibility and draw more visitors, think about utilizing SEO strategies.

Build Your Brand

It’s crucial to build a strong brand in order to stand out from the competition and win over your clients’ trust. 

Choose a name, logo, and color scheme that are distinctive and reflect the goals and target audience of your company. 

Use your brand consistently in all consumer interactions and marketing mediums.

Control your finances

Effective money management is essential for the success of your side business flipping mattresses. 

Maintain thorough records of your earnings and outgoings, and periodically analyze your financial statements to gauge the performance of your company. 

To assist you in managing your finances, think about adopting accounting software or employing an accountant.

Expand Your Business

When your company expands, think about adding new products, forming partnerships, or setting up a physical location. 

To keep ahead of the competition, investigate new markets and client segments and continuously innovate.

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Consumer satisfaction and service

To keep clients and encourage repeat business, outstanding customer service and satisfaction are essential. 

Make sure you pay attention to consumer feedback and swiftly and properly handle any issues. 

To ensure your consumers are satisfied, provide warranties or return policies.

Legal Points to Consider

Legal considerations must be made before starting a side business flipping mattresses, including acquiring the right licenses and permissions, adhering to health and safety laws, and safeguarding your intellectual property. 

To be sure you are acting morally and lawfully, seek advice from a lawyer or other legal professional.

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In 2023, starting a side business flipping mattresses can be profitable and satisfying. By following the instructions in this manual, you can start a prosperous company that offers your clients options for economical, environmentally friendly bedding.


How much cash do I need to start a side business flipping mattresses?A: Depending on the size and scope of your company, the initial investment may differ. Yet, you don’t need much to get started—just a few hundred dollars.

Is it legal to flip mattresses?A: Sure, as long as you abide by all applicable health and safety laws and other legal requirements, mattress flipping is allowed.

How can I get cheap mattresses for my company?A: You can work with mattress producers or wholesalers, or you can buy old mattresses from hotels, motels, and college dormitories.

Which marketing techniques are most successful for a side business flipping mattresses?A: Flyers, local events, and social media are good marketing tools for a side business flipping mattresses.

How can I make sure my customers are happy?
A: You may ensure client happiness by offering warranties or return policies, listening to customer feedback, and providing good customer service.

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