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How To Do Amazon Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

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The majority of people mistakenly believe that they need a website in order to earn money from Amazon Associates, but that is simply incorrect! In fact, it is arguably simpler to do affiliate marketing without a website than with one. So Read the article till the end. And learn How To Do Amazon Affiliate Marketing Without A Website.

What is Amazon affiliate marketing?

Businesses that engage in internet marketing through Amazon affiliate programs can advertise and sell goods on the Amazon marketplace. Every sale that a business puts results in a commission.

Using Amazon affiliate marketing to generate income for your online business is a terrific idea. It enables you to advertise and sell goods on the biggest online market in the world. Every sale you make will earn you a commission, and Amazon will take care of customer service and fulfillment.

You must create an Amazon Associates account in order to begin using Amazon affiliate marketing. You can use this free program to visit the Amazon marketplace. Following registration, you can begin promoting goods on your website or blog. Social networking is another tool you can use to advertise your goods and draw customers to your Amazon storefront.

Affiliate marketing with Amazon is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a means to generate cash from your online business. You can start making sales and commissions with a little work.

Here is a step by step guide on how to make money with the Amazon affiliate program without a website:

3 Steps to Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Step 1 .  Choose a profitable and popular Niche 

Despite the fact that it is possible to target multiple niches together, niching down is necessary for a number of reasons, including but not limited to:

Building a brand and authority in a niche: If you select a market with little competition, it will be quite simple to establish yourself as an authority in the eyes of both Google and your audience.
Understanding the subject: Once you have a solid understanding of the subject, expanding on it and developing some level of expertise should be rather simple.

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Step 2: Keyword Research

To satisfy people’s needs, you must understand what they are looking for, why they are looking for it, and what details they require.

Most consumers don’t put in anything they wish to buy; instead, they frequently ask a question that can be answered by a product.

Consider these five suggestions as you conduct keyword research:

  1. Find out what attracts a lot of visitors. Try typing something into the Google search field if you’re unsure of where to begin. You can use the ideas provided by the autofill to determine what users are looking for. Permit the autofill to locate keywords that you can use on the aforementioned platforms.
  2. Make sure there is not an excessive amount of competition. When everyone seeks out the same queries, solutions, and goods, niche saturation happens. What about a certain style of knife holder for your kitchen? You’ve definitely heard of various diet regimens a million times.
  3. Determine how you’ll use the keywords. Not all keywords have anything to do with goods. Make sure the question can be answered in an informed manner while yet allowing for a product recommendation. You should include something in your keyword list when it can be solved or made simpler by a product.
  4. Remember that it won’t always go your way. Take a chance on broad, competitive keywords, but don’t count on them to be your top earners. You should hunt for the low-hanging fruit, the unsolved issues that people are eager to fix.
  5. Make a list of 50–100 keywords that you can successfully use for the four processes above. Does a response to a question help? Is there too much rivalry? Are they really looking for opinions or guidance on the subject? Before you add anything to the keyword list, the answers to all of these questions should be provided.

Step 3: Choose a Free Content Publishing Platform to Use

While having your own website has some advantages, posting content to high-authority websites like Medium, LinkedIn, or YouTube has many more (if you want to make video content).

Among those advantages are:

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How To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Marketing Without A Website


One of the most reliable platforms for Amazon affiliate marketing is certainly YouTube. The most popular strategy for marketing on YouTube is to create unboxing and review videos. Making a video on a product that a specific audience wants or finds fascinating is the basic premise. 

After seeing your review or unboxing video, your audience will utilize your promo code or link to complete the purchase. You will earn more money as your audience grows. As of right now, YouTube’s terms and conditions do not prohibit advertising. As a result, you need not be concerned. Nevertheless, finding a sizable enough audience is a challenge.

People don’t go to YouTube to watch boring commercials. Make sure your content is at least compelling enough to draw readers in. Reviews and unpacking videos are the most straightforward possibilities. Picking a particular niche, especially one that interests you, is definitely a smart idea. 

Try to promote goods that are linked to that certain niche. It may be difficult to attract a sizable enough audience if you preach on too many different topics. People will start visiting your channel when they want more information, which is an indication that you are seen as reputable. 

When you have about 30,000 active subscribers who regularly drive traffic to your channel, you may consider yourself a successful affiliate marketer.

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You can use Facebook as a social media channel to promote Amazon without having a website. Now, one thought must be running through your head: how? You may already be aware that everyone on Facebook these days. We can spread the word to the entire world while at home thanks to Facebook. You must join a group with marketing if you want to use Facebook for affiliate marketing. Following that, you must publish some post with affiliate links. If you write an article in an appealing manner, someone will undoubtedly open it, and if the product is good, that person will undoubtedly buy it.

Key ideas to keep in mind:


Presently, more people read ebooks than blogs. You can still use this option to get money from Amazon affiliate even if you don’t have a website. The ebook choice can seem a little crazy, but you can use ebooks to advertise your affiliate link.

It can be challenging and time-consuming to choose a topic for an ebook, but once you do, writing about it is simple. You can emphasize how well your content engages your readers in it. Every time you write an ebook, consider the users’ questions before you start, and be sure to pay attention to even the smallest details. Additionally, include your affiliate links so that readers must click on them after reading your ebook in order to make a purchase.

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Using Ad campaigns

You can advertise your Amazon affiliate link without a website using one of the many such ad networks that are available online. This will be a little expensive for you because you have to spend money to display the advertisement. It’s a kind of platform where you may invest money and then watch for returns on that investment in the form of customers using your affiliate link to make purchases. You can create high converting ad tools like Ad.Creative .Your ad creative/banner needs will be met by Ad Without using a data-driven strategy, you can increase conversions by up to 14 times. I absolutely love it because it offers automatic creatives that save you time.

Email Marketing

The best method on this list for making money selling things as an Amazon affiliate without a website is through email campaigns. In the same way that we create blogs, we can also utilize email to directly contact users and advertise our affiliate link. Before writing an email, make sure the wording you use is straightforward and understandable. As Affiliate Marketer it’s Highly recommended to use Email Autoresponders That are Affiliate friendly. If you are wondering how to find them, You don’t have to waste your time, You can read about them here.

Blogging sites

You can post your content on a variety of blogging platforms if you don’t want to invest the time and money necessary to launch a blog website. You can publish articles on blogging platforms like and and advertise products on them as well.

Another article-publishing platform you may utilize for Amazon Affiliate marketing is HubPages. Although few external affiliate connections are permitted, it is quite beneficial for Amazon affiliates.

On certain websites, you are allowed to use your affiliate links in your content, but you must disclose to the readers that they are affiliate links. You must make it abundantly obvious that you will profit from every purchase they make. The best part about these websites is that you will need to conduct the same research for content creation as you would for your website. Therefore, newbies who are unsure of whether or not to continue this job in Amazon affiliate marketing can use these websites as a sort of training ground.

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Final Thoughts

Everyone wants to be able to make money while staying at home. Currently, a number of ways exist via which you can easily make money while seated at home. And above, we talked about how to make money with Amazon Affiliate without having a website or blog. In this post, we learned what an Amazon Affiliate is and how to get money from Amazon without having a website. You may easily make money from Amazon Affiliate without having a website using a variety of channels, including Facebook, Instagram, eBooks, YouTube, and others. I sincerely hope you find this post to be useful.

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