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How Can a Student Make Money Online in Kenya 2023

How Can a Student Make Money Online in Kenya 2023
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Imagine that you have been accepted to a college or university and are now studying the subject of your choice. However, despite not having any lessons, you are under a lot of stress and anxiety because of money. You might be having trouble paying for books and other expenses, or perhaps your enormous student debt is causing you anxiety. Due of this, a lot of students prefer to explore online for side jobs they may do in their free time. This enables them to pay off their education loans as well as the expense of the equipment they need. So How Can a Student Make Money Online in Kenya?

What you need as a student to make money online

To earn money online while a student in Kenya, you must meet a few requirements. 

To start, you will require:

  • a laptop or computer (While not necessary, it just feels more comfortable.)
  • Internet connection
  • basic understanding of computers and how they work (if you lack experience, don’t worry; everyone’s situation is different)
  • an eagerness to begin earning money online

It would also be a fantastic idea to create email accounts on Google and Yahoo! so that you have one to use when signing up for various internet services.

Earn by Completing Surveys online

Nowadays, a quick method to get a few extra money is to complete surveys and work for pay online.

For Platforms like Ysense, All you need is a computer, smartphone, or tablet, as well as an internet connection. You may earn money for completing surveys and other tasks. It’s unknown how much money you can make with ySense. There are just a ton of factors to consider, like how much time you spend on the website, how many people you refer, how many tasks you complete, when those activities are provided and how many people are available to accomplish them, the available offers, etc.

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Be a Freelancer

Why are freelancing positions advantageous for college students You work for yourself if you are a freelancer. As a result, you have the freedom to choose your own schedule, work with different types of clients, and establish your own fees. Just a few advantages of working as a freelancer include this adaptability and capacity to work around hectic schedules. 

As a college student, getting a side job will earn you money whether you have a job or not.

Setting your own schedule and arranging assignments to fit around your present availability are two major advantages of freelancing.

Types of Freelance You Can Do

Manager of social media

A career as a freelance social media manager might be ideal for you if you are well-versed in the world of social media and enjoy producing content, communicating with followers, and setting a regular social media posting schedule.

Graphic Designer

Developing your skills as a freelance graphic designer can be a great way to further your interest in the field. The best time to develop your talents and create your resume is during college. You can Use Canva to make posters, menu for restaurants , design logos for companies etc.

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Online teacher

The rise of online learning was at the forefront of education during the COVID-19 epidemic. Online tutors are still in high demand even if schools have begun to return to in-person methods.

Be a writer

The demand for writers is constant. Writing is a widely sought-after ability that can easily lead to a freelancing work for college students, whether they like to write blog articles, advertisements, social media captions, or email newsletters. AI writing tools makes your work easier as a writer , they do 80% of the work for you.

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Where can you Freelance?

Best place for students to Freelance is Fiverr. One of the most reputable websites for making money online in the world, this one is a freelancer’s paradise. Web design, freelance writing, digital marketing, programming, graphics & design, and more services are all available on Fiverr. All you need to do to get started is come up with a catchy gig title, choose a category, and post a few images that best represent the gig you are giving. For each gig purchased from your listing, you receive $4 from Fiverr, which typically costs $1 per gig. The good news is that if you list other associated gigs, you can earn extra money.

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Start Youtube Channel

Another way on How Can a Student Make Money Online in Kenya 2023 is starting a youtube channel. Make your favorite stuff for YouTube that will also benefit others. Another great technique to start earning money online is using this. You could enter the video marketing industry if you produce educational content on subjects that are searched for on Google. Making educational videos and putting them online for anyone to watch is a great way to earn money quickly and easily online!

Be a Jumia Affiliate

How Can a Student Make Money Online in Kenya 2023

How does Jumia Affiliate program work? If someone clicks on a link you provide them to an offer or product on Jumia and they buy it, Jumia will pay you a commission.
Upon receiving their approval, you will be successful.

  • Designed for today’s demands, banners
  • A skilled team is always there to assist you.
  • The product feed offers more than 50,000 products.
  • Publish it anywhere, including a website, blog, Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter account, or even an email to a friend who needs a Jumia product.
  • There is a premium commission for premium publishers.
  • Bank transfers are accepted as a means of payment.


Do you enjoy writing articles or blogging? College students can work part-time, sell their blog content, and make money without delaying their education.

Since there is a wealth of content available on creating and making money from a blog, getting the hang of blogging may be simple. You can choose a blogging niche, produce natural material around it, and attract visitors. Your blog can be made profitable through affiliate marketing, courses, and adverts after it has a significant amount of traffic. Additionally, you might start producing blog posts for other bloggers to earn money while still in school. You can approach Kenya website builders to set for a blog for you, using such company saves you hustle of hosting and domains and website set up.

Once you set up Please register for a Ezoic account before using it. This platform enables you to build advertisements for your website that will help you make money from the traffic your website receives.

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In conclusion : How Can a Student Make Money Online in Kenya 2023

Making Money Online as a Student in Kenya provides a ton of benefits, but the best thing about it is that anyone can use it!

The article has given some great advice on how to start earning money online right now in Kenya! Let us know if you need assistance; our team of professionals would be happy to collaborate with you at any moment by offering guidance or mentoring. We hope this information was useful, and we wish you luck as you put these suggestions to use. Best of luck!

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  1. These are such fantastic ideas! And every little bit helps against student loans, which can be drowning at times! I love how clearly you weighed each option, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

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