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Home » Canva Affiliate Program Review: Is It Worth It? Ultimate Guide 2023

Canva Affiliate Program Review: Is It Worth It? Ultimate Guide 2023

Canva Affiliate Program Review
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There are so many affiliate programs online, Canva affiliate program is the one of the best among them. In this article we will provide you with the best Canva Affiliate Program Review.

What is Canva Affiliate Program?

Users may produce a variety of visual content with Canva, a well-known online graphic design tool, including social media graphics, presentations, posters, and more. 

Canva was established in 2012 and has since established itself as a go-to tool for companies, marketers, and people looking to produce designs that appear professional without having to possess specific design knowledge.

With the help of the Canva affiliate program, social media marketers can collaborate with the Canva brand online.

Affiliates publish promotional articles on their blogs or social media accounts in exchange for a modest commission from the Canva business.

Impact is a firm that Canva utilizes to communicate with its partners.

Whether a Canva user or not, anyone can join the affiliate program, which gives high commissions for successful referrals.

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What You Need to Do to Join 

If you meet at least one of Canva’s requirements for becoming an affiliate, we invite you to submit an application.

Canva may yet take into account further applicants.

A vital need is having a large subscription base.

If you’re a blogger, Canva advises having at least a million monthly visitors.

Also, the business advises that you have a well-known online identity with a sizable audience, and that your social media accounts should be relevant to design.

How to Apply

  • Apply for the Canva affiliate program by following this simple, step-by-step tutorial.
  • Verify that you comply with Canva’s recommended requirements.
  • For the URL to sign up as an affiliate, go to the Canva website.
  • Build a profile on Impact.
  • On Impact, choose the appropriate nation or region.
  • Provide your information on the application form.
    When Will I Be Accepted Into the Canva Affiliate Program?
    The approval procedure for Canva affiliates is fairly short.

You won’t have to wait more than 48 to 72 hours to find out if Canva has accepted your application.

Commission Rates

  • Their cookie-based affiliate tracking mechanism allows affiliates to get compensated within 30 days of the initial click. 
  • + Their cookie-based affiliate tracking mechanism allows affiliates to get compensated within 30 days of the initial click.  
  • There are no costs or requirements for joining, either.
  • They provide regular and flexible payment choices. 
  • They provide regular and flexible payment choices. 
  • They offer round-the-clock email and live 
  • chat service. 
  • Ideal for influential designers, educators, and popular design-related websites.

What Products Can You Promote For the Canva Affiliate Program?

Canva Affiliate Program Review

One of the best markets for affiliate marketing is the Canva affiliate program.

The Canva Pro membership is the primary item that Canva encourages affiliates to market, although there are additional things within Canva Pro that you can advertise.

You may promote niche products like Magic Resize, Brand Kit, and more with Canva.

See which products you may promote as a Canva affiliate by reading on!

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Magic Resize

Agile Resize, a one-click capability that swiftly creates alternate formats from Canva design tools, is available to Canva Pro customers. You can use your social media channels to spread the news if you are a Canva ambassador.

Many Premium Fonts

The membership offers more than a thousand distinctively designed fonts, including traditional types and scripts. There is a professional font for every need that is both affordable and attractive.

You can display Canva’s fonts on your blog or social networking page as a source of pride.

Video Editor

As an affiliate, promote the Canva video editor tool.

Even those who are not experienced editors can use the simple application to produce professional videos with the press of a button.

Also, you can advertise Canva Pro’s well-liked drag-and-drop tool, which enables users to create films using ready-made themes.

Many Premium Templates

The Canva Pro subscription, which offers more than 420,000 premium templates, is one of the best items you can market. On social media, you may highlight your favorite templates and invite others to check them out.

Branding Kit

Small business owners and social media influencers alike should use Brand Kit.

Users can upload their brand’s theme, colors, logo, and fonts with Canva’s Brand Kit offering.

Brand Kit is some of the greatest graphic design software available because it will make sure that all of the brand’s articles and material adhere to a consistent theme.

Pros and cons

  • The affiliate program tracks your sales using cookies with a 30-day duration.
  • Excellent client service is provided. Affiliates can contact the platform live chat team at any time.
  • The dashboard is simple to use and displays accurate sales tracking and revenue information.
  • The affiliate market’s best commission rate is provided by Canva. It offers a commission of 36$, which is a respectable sum, for each pro signup subscription.
  • 10 dollars is the low minimum payout barrier, and after a few sales, you can cash out.
  • Websites with high traffic and user involvement are permitted. Also, they must to be connected to design. One of the main issues for novices is this.
  • Per user, affiliates get paid once. No recurring commission is paid.
  • In order to quickly obtain the free plan, many customers might not choose the pro plan.

Is the Canva affiliate program worth it?

If you want to use the Canva affiliate network to make money, then yes, it is worthwhile. That enables us to profit by endorsing each new pro user. You receive a commission of $36 each time a user clicks on it to sign up. Your earning potential with this affiliate program is unrestricted.

Wrapping it up

Overall, the Canva affiliate program is a fantastic opportunity to promote a product that many people already use and adore while earning passive revenue. The Canva affiliate program can be a useful supplement to your monetization plan, regardless of whether you’re a blogger, social media influencer, or business owner.

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  1. Hi!
    Thanks for a useful article. I love Canva and use it all the time! I would have signed up for the affiliate programme, but good to know I didn’t waste my time as I simply don’t have enough traffic (yet!).
    Many thanks!

  2. I’ve been using Canva for a while and love it, but never even thought about being an affiliate. Definitely, something to keep in mind, need to grow my audience first a bit more though to qualify 😅

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