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Affiliate marketing without a blog on Pinterest (All you need to know)

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Is it possible to do Affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog? Short answer? YES!! The best part about this strategy is that it is a completely genuine way to begin making money online quickly. Even if you don’t have prior experience in blogging or affiliate marketing you can do it easily. But it is highly recommended to have a a blog because it can:

  • Triple your income
  • Build a stable income source
  • Create content about the product ( giving opinions as well as details)
  • Build an audience to presell to.

Why choose Pinterest as a Traffic source

Pinterest is a place where people come to Pin ideas, inspiration and information in order look at it at a later date. It’s less difficult to rank. Because Pinterest’s algorithm isn’t as sophisticated as Google’s, ranking for popular keywords is easier and faster.
The target audience is made up of people who have high income. According to Statista, 27 percent of adults who use Pinterest earn $30,000-74,999 per year, while 41 percent earn more than $75,000. It’s a search engine, after all. Pinterest is sometimes misunderstood as a social networking platform, however it is essentially a search engine. This implies that, unlike on networks like Facebook and Instagram, your content will be found for years after it is published, rather than deleting a few hours later. People are eager to purchase. According to Statista, 47 percent of Pinterest users make purchasing decisions on the platform, which is higher than 15 percent on Facebook and 11 percent on Instagram.

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What is Affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog?

affiliate marketing on Pinterest

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest involves marketing third-party content or products in exchange for a commission on each sale completed at no additional cost to the customer. Because it is such a visual platform, the more appealing your pins are, the more likely they are to be saved. One of the best ways to create attractive pins is using Canva. If you still help to create the best you can hire freelancers from Fivver.

In Pinterest, Every pin must have a link to a blog or website. Therefore You have complete control over which link a Pin is directed to when you create it. This is where you can take advantage by attaching the Pinto affiliate link to any offer or product.

That means if someone clicks on your affiliate pin and buys something, you’ll get a commission!

Pinterest is no longer about recipes and home décor ideas but several other niches are also popular, including fitness, DIY, finance, motherhood, technology, relationships, and coding. So you have a wide choice to choose niches you can make money from as Affiliate marketer.

‘While this article will cover simple ways and ideas for navigating affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog, I strongly advise you to start one.

How to start ?

1. Create a Pinterest Business account.

Creating one is basic and simple. First Go to Pinterest for Business, sign up with email address, and create a password. Fill in company’s name and choose a category for your business, and pick five topics that interest you. That’s it and you are done. One of the most crucial aspects of having a Pinterest Business account is correctly optimizing it for search engines.

2. Find a niche and related Affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is huge, and almost every brand you can think of has an affiliate program associated with it.

One of the methods used to search on google is to write “subject + affiliate program” . For example “weight loss+ Affiliate program”

While choosing a niche, its best you to stick to one so your Pinterest doesn’t look confusing (i.e don’t mix niches)

Once you get approval of the affiliate programs you applied for next step is to create pins.

3. Create Pins that stand out

One of the best strategies in Pinterest is to create attractive pins to do that You can use Canva to create eye catching pins. Canva has over a million templates to choose from designed specially for Pinterest. Nobody wants to click on boring pins. If you have a good budget you can try freelancers at Fiverr. Secondly use keywords in your pin description. This makes it easier for people to find your offers and to get more sales.

4. Learn all the Pinterest guidelines as well as strategies

A great Pinterest marketing strategy ensures that your conversions are as high as possible. In the early phases of your account, a smart Pinterest Marketing approach can also help you establish the basis for development.

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest entails much more than simply collecting and sharing your links and content.

5. Use Pinterest ads

Log in to your Pinterest account and go to Ads > Create ad to find keywords using Pinterest Ads.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to make a campaign. We’d like to see a few more keywords.

Anyway, on the left column, click New ad group > choose any approach (it doesn’t matter) > click OK. Select Keywords & Interests > Add Keywords from the drop-down menu.

Type any keyword related to your blog topic in the right column. Pinterest will offer you similar terms and their monthly search numbers automatically.

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Here are some of the best guidelines

A great Pinterest marketing plan ensures that your conversions are as high as possible. In the early phases of your account, a smart Pinterest Marketing approach can also help you establish the basis for development.

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest entails much more than sharing your links and content.

  • Join your niche related boards. This helps so much in growth of your account.
  • Make a pinning schedule and stick to it! Tailwind has simplified my life and helped me get a lot of views with very little effort. Tailwind not only allows you to schedule posts for the optimum times for your account, but it also offers a cool feature called tribes that allows you to help each other promote pins.
  • Follow others who share your interests and share their pins as well.
  • Use good keywords in your pin description.

Important tips for affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

  • When you start adding links to your PINS, make sure to mention affiliate link disclosure in the Pin description and don’t try to mislead people into clicking.
  • Do not use any affiliate link shorteners or cloaks e.g bitly
  • Don’t add the same picture and links again.
  • Make sure you read your Affiliate offer guidelines before posting on Pinterest. Some don’t allow use of social media.
  • Don’t put misleading images . this can lead to Pinterest suspension.
  • Always promote products that you have enough information about.

Best Pinterest Toolkit


What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a Pinterest marketing toolkit designed specifically for bloggers and small companies. This Pinterest scheduler includes everything you’ll need to use Pinterest to generate traffic, leads, and sales with a small investment of time and money.

And now, if you choose, you can use Tailwind for free indefinitely!

Yes, you could manually “Pin” your work on Pinterest if you have the time. Alternatively, you can use Pinterest’s clumsy, slow, one-Pin-at-a-time scheduling.

Honestly I don’t know where i would be without tailwind because staying consistent on Pinterest is hard.

Tailwind has communities tribes that help you grow account.

Everyone benefits from a continuous stream of content from people they trust when they collaborate in a Tailwind Community, saving them time while boosting the quality of the content they contribute.

When members share each other’s work, they all gain exposure to new audiences who are extremely relevant to them. It’s a win-win situation.


On Pinterest, your images are really important.

Your pin image is your one opportunity to promote your content and drive traffic to your links.

Canva is by far the greatest tool for creating gorgeous (and click-worthy) pin graphics.

I only advocate utilizing Canva’s free version.

The free edition is more than adequate, and that is what I utilized for the first year of my website development.

The free version was used to create the majority of the Pinterest images you see.

The “resize” function that Canva recently added, in my opinion, is the main benefit of the paid version.

Final thoughts

Affiliate marketing is advantageous since it allows you to go about your daily activities while earning money on autopilot. You won’t have to be concerned about order fulfillment or delivery.

Making $1000 or more per month will be simple if you follow all of the methods outlined in this article.

Nevertheless As Affiliate marketer its highly recommend have a blog. With my experience, Pinterest and blog is the best combo, because it is like having two income streams rather than one. Starting a blog is easy , you only need $10. Once you start a blog you can continue with the same business account to grow your audience as well get more traffic.

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