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How to do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website and Audience

Proven ways to do Affiliate marketing without a website
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“Is it possible to get started with affiliate marketing without a website?” is a question that many newbie Internet marketers have wondered.

Yes, you absolutely can. That means anyone can get started without having to invest on a domain name or hosting.

While creating and maintaining a blog is the most frequent way for people to get started, there are still a variety of other ways to get your affiliate links out there.

In these current times, all of the major social media platforms allow you to build an audience. This is done by adding content to your channel or page while utilizing their traffic and brand recognition.

So How to promote affiliate products without a website? In this article, I’ll show you different ways to get started with affiliate marketing without having to build a website (some of the strategies are free, while others are paid).

Social Marketing

Because of the rapid expansion of social media, affiliate marketing without a website will be possible in 2022. You can now market your affiliate products using your social media platforms. Additionally, you can now open a business account with them.

You can share photographs, videos, and links about your affiliate products using your Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok accounts. Choose one that is appropriate to your content and post consistently to observe results. If you’re primarily interested in using images to sell your business, Pinterest or Instagram might be the best option. Twitter or Facebook may be a better alternative if you’re attempting to develop a community.

Social media marketing may be a fun side gig or a way to supplement your other marketing efforts.

Make sure you’re not spamming your link on social media. Only promote programs and offers that you believe will be of interest to your community or channel, and always keep in mind the platform’s and advertiser’s limitations.

Affiliate marketing without a website

Article Marketing and Publication

One of my favorite ways to advertise affiliate products is using this strategy.
Article distribution entails writing articles that are ideally related to your affiliate items. These are typically at least 400 words long, are and then published through directories with affiliate links included in the text or the author’s bio.

The key to article distribution success is to provide relevant, useful, and worthwhile information. These articles might be reviews, how-to pieces, or basic educational articles, as long as they are worthwhile to read.

Writing articles about your product is an effective strategy to advertise your company.
Why not leverage someone else’s blog to market your deals if you don’t have your own?

Here’s a rundown of some of the most well-known:

  • Medium
  • Blogger
  • Linkedin
  • Tumblr
  • HubPage

Not only will you be able to build a sizable following in these content publishing groups, but you’ll also have access to a tremendous amount of free traffic. This should be more than enough to earn your first commission!

Pro tip: Read about Content ideas for Affiliate Marketing.

Video Marketing

Because this free traffic approach is comparable to social media marketing, the same advice applies here. Take the time to create your channel and perfect your content before promoting deals. You can promote related offers or refer them to one of your blogs or landing pages. Don’t forget to include links in your videos. If you’re already a social media influencer, you’re probably aware of the potential of video marketing.

Take the time to research your audience and keywords. Create high-quality content around the selected niche just to get started. It’s simple to see how everything fits together to promote a single offer across numerous marketing channels.

Create a YouTube channel for your niche audience and discuss topics that are relevant to them. Focus on audience’s interests and the challenges they’re trying to solve. You’ll make a lot of money on YouTube if you first create useful, helpful, and worthwhile video, and then advertise things that compliment the value you provide.

It’s all well and well to state that you can make money as an affiliate marketer on TikTok, but how do you go about doing so? A typical TikTok affiliate marketer, on the other hand, employs a variety of strategies. The simplest method is to use organic traffic to drive visitors to your TikTok videos. Of course, this requires that you already have a sizable audience watching and, ideally, engaging with your video’s.

affiliate marketing using youtube

Email Marketing

Email is a great affiliate marketing channel since it allows you to not only have a list of eager consumers at your fingertips, but it also allows you to sell to these engaged users on a regular basis. It may take some time to review your data and fine-tune your campaigns to achieve the desired results. But once you get it perfect, you will be successful.

You’ll need to start building your subscriber list, which you can do with one of the other ways on this page. You can also use the strategies below to attract users and grow your mailing list:

  • Gating of content
  • Lead magnet for free
  • Offers and discounts

If you’re primarily using marketing to advertise your offers, you may need to brush up on your copywriting skills.

You can buy solo ads to promote your offer to a pre-qualified audience if you don’t have your own list. Or use a safelist like Herculist. Read how to get a thousand free emails daily on Herculist.

Paid ads

If you want to generate money with affiliate marketing without a website, pay-per-click advertising should be an aspect of your internet marketing strategy. Paid ads deliver results quickly, allow you to pinpoint your target audience, and increase the likelihood of converting leads into paying customers.

It’s a good idea to start slowly and with a minimal budget to see if PPC is right for you. You can always increase your efforts in this marketing channel if you achieve the necessary outcomes and good margins. Promote the product, publish your link to the product and then monitor your success rate.

However, there are upsides and downsides to implementing this strategy – The biggest benefit of this strategy is that you can obtain traffic instantly (if you target the proper keywords, you should see traffic to the merchant’s product pages via your affiliate link within 10 minutes). However, the primary disadvantage is that you must have good keyword research abilities or you will end up wasting a lot of money on advertising without getting any sales.

Forum Marketing

Participate in forums related to the product you’re advertising. Participate by offering information or suggestions to others. You can begin participating in online forums and adding your affiliate links to your signature. Though you should read the forum rules to see which ones do not allow affiliate links. When users click on the signature links, they are taken to the affiliate manager’s website. If a purchase is made you will receive commission.

Do not try to sell your product outright. Look for postings in the forum where you may contribute value by answering questions or contributing useful information. You might possibly come across a posting or several postings about the product you’re marketing. You could then direct them to a review you’ve written in that area, and in the conclusion, you may clearly suggest your affiliate product and include a purchase link. If you gain a reputation in the forum, you may find that people approach to you for advise on what things they should buy.

eBook Marketing

If you are an expert in the field of expertise for the product you are selling, you might write an E-Book on the topic and sell your product within it. There’s nothing stopping you from researching the subject and becoming an expert in your chosen field. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience in it. After you’ve finished writing your E-Book, you can either sell it online or give it out for free. Giving out your book is a better approach to get people to take it. But if you’ve sold your product well enough within the E-Book ,the reader will go on your affiliate link and buy it.

Create a basic 15 to 20 page eBook around the items and services you’re promoting, and include affiliate links to the products and services you’re pushing throughout the ebook.

Affiliate marketing with Ebooks

My Final Thoughts on Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Working as an affiliate marketer without having your own website may be a fun side hustle or a substantial source of money if you put in the effort. You now know how to make money with affiliate marketing without having to construct a website or blog. But having a website or blog is essential for long-term affiliate marketing success.

If you use a website or blog to reach out to a large number of people in your field and continually provide value to them. Your hard work will be rewarded with passive affiliate commissions if done correctly.

It takes some time to properly do affiliate marketing through a website and get actual benefits, therefore considered to be a long-term endeavor.

In affiliate marketing, regardless of which path you choose, you will need hard effort, consistency, and time to make things work for you.

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